Why More Students Are Choosing International Internships

International internships can be a profound turning point in your career path. Domestic internships can be instrumental in reshaping your career, but internships abroad, from business internships to journalism internships, are a quick way to invest in your life and career for long-term value that is immeasurable.

Students who experience the challenges of an internship in another country tend to quickly develop qualities of adaptability, problem solving and higher levels of confidence. They have the advantage of cultivating global professional connections and developing resumes that attract a greater breadth of job prospects.

Advantages of an Internship Abroad As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, more students are choosing internships overseas. For one thing, interning in another country is flexible and accessible almost any time of year, even for short durations less than a semester. An international education program can provide access to housing, on-site support services, and pre-departure services.

International education programs are also connected with high caliber small businesses and non-profits that offer internships for an economical price. Counselors can advise you on the types of companies and work you can anticipate, depending upon your area of study. Most significant is that you are often opened up to experiences and opportunities in markets that are otherwise more competitive in the United States.

The often unconventional and adventuresome nature of an international internship can be exciting, opening many students up to new career possibilities beyond typical institutional work. Further, graduates with a history of international internships attract higher salaries and tend to be favored by hiring managers who see the value in candidates who exhibit more flexible, multifaceted field experience. Employers also appreciate graduates who have ability to communicate and interact with other cultures.

Types of Internships Available Abroad International education programs have access to almost any type of internship in all varieties of study, from hospitality to social sciences to computer science. The disciplines of service you will encounter are similar to those available for domestic internships, but often you will be exposed to a wider variety of tasks, duties and responsibilities with the tendency of organizations overseas to be smaller.

Business internships overseas might for instance include areas of general business management, accounting, marketing, business administration or finance within financial institutions. However, you might find yourself immersed in the more organic problems of organizing the company's infrastructure.

Or, students who pursue communications or journalism internships might choose to focus on reporting, advertising or PR at a radio station, marketing firm or PR firm. But within an overseas setting, they could find themselves managing more complex projects or events, restructuring communication strategies or overhauling the company's public web profile or other PR.

An internship overseas makes sense as the economy becomes increasingly global. It can be an economical way to gain school credits and valuable experience that lasts a lifetime in many ways. It can be the chance to follow your dream.